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From the beginning, QualiChem Metalworking has focused on cultivating a talented team to design, sell, and support a high-performance product line through a network of qualified, factory-trained partners. We grew from a small specialty chemical company into a leading global supplier of metalworking fluids, cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors by listening to our customers, then responding with solutions. Our products can be found in aerospace, medical, energy, electronics, semi-conductor, automotive, defense, and many other essential industries. Connect with us today to learn what the QualiChem Advantage can do for you.

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At the heart of understanding customer needs is a local relationship. These relationships ensure customer satisfaction and provide real-time feedback for product development. Constant innovation and servant leadership are two keys to our success. Our employees are empowered to leverage their experience and expertise to support customers. We are passionate about performance and strive to find solutions to the most demanding challenges. Whether it’s in the lab, or in front of your machine, the QualiChem Advantage is our commitment to making your workplace more profitable and effective for you and your customers.

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Proven Success in Real-Life Applications

QualiChem Metalworking Goes Dye Free in 2023

QualiChem Metalworking Goes Dye Free in 2023

QualiChem has always subscribed to the principles of Product Stewardship, ensuring human and environmental safety in our research, development, and manufacturing processes. As such, we have made the decision to remove dyes in our metal removal fluids, effective...

How to Correctly Use a Refractometer

How to Correctly Use a Refractometer

When it comes to metalworking fluids, consistent and accurate concentration control is crucial. When coolants are used properly, customers can realize their full benefits, including increased tool life, superior surface finishes, and reduced consumption. To do this,...

Products: Passionate About Performance

We produce a full range of water-dilutable cutting and grinding fluids for a wide range of operations, from light-duty grinding to the most extreme cutting operations. Each coolant delivers the optimal combination of characteristics needed in those operations, from reducing friction and wear, to controlling foam, corrosion, biology, stability, and cleanliness.

Products Include:

  • EQO-PURE – Natural & Synthetic Vegetable-Based
  • XTREME CUT – Semi-Synthetics
  • XTREME COOL – Full Solution Synthetics
  • XTREME GRIND – Grinding Synthetics
  • XTREME MAG – Magnesium Machining Fluids
  • CARB GRIND – Carbide Grinding Fluids
  • Q-COOL – Synthetics
  • Q-CUT – Semi-Synthetics
  • Q-GRIND – Grinding Synthetics
  • Q-SOL – Soluble Oils

QualiChem blends a complete line of straight oils for Swiss-Style machines, tool grinders, general machining and turning, honing, broaching, EDM, and many other applications. Included in this range is our pioneering use of natural gas derived GTL (gas-to-liquid) oils for safer, cleaner, less volatile, and more stable products for your facility.

Products Include: 

  • Vegetable and GTL based:
    • EQO-MAX – Turning & Machining Oils
    • EQO-GRIND –Grinding Oils
    • EQO-HONE –Honing Oils
    • EQO-MIST – MQL
  • GTL and Mineral Oil based:
    • XTREME CUT – Turning & Machining Oils
    • XTREME DRILL – Deep Hole & Gun Drilling Oils
    • XTREME GRIND – Grinding Oils
    • XTREME HONE – Honing Oils
    • XTREME BROACH – Broaching (Vertical & Horizontal)
    • MET-CUT – Turning & Machining Oils
    • MET-DRILL – Deep Hole & Gun Drilling Oils

QualiChem’s cleaners provide solutions for a wide variety of applications, including spray wash, ultrasonic, vibratory, immersion, acid, floor, general maintenance, and machine tools.  Whether you are removing light rust or baked-on residues, we provide options for all levels of cleaning power.

Products Include:

  • MET-KLEEN – Alkaline Cleaners
  • Q-BRITE – Acid Cleaners
  • RUST KLEEN – Rust Removers
  • CITRUS CUTTER – Floor & Maintenance Cleaner
  • TUFF CUT – Floor & Maintenance Cleaner
  • EQO-KLEEN – Machine Tool Cleaner
  • BIOSOLV – Non-Petroleum Solvent Cleaners
  • CITRA-SOLV – Natural Solvent-Based Cleaners
  • ULTRA SOLV – Solvent Cleaners

Our corrosion preventatives meet your needs for indoor, outdoor, or in-process protection from rust and other forms of corrosion. We offer surface protection products designed for the duration, storage conditions, preferred film types, and regulatory constraints that define your application.

Products Include:

  • Q-GUARD – Water-Based Synthetic
  • Q-KOAT – Oil-Based
  • Q-SHIELD – Solvent-Based
  • SOL-KOAT – Water-Based Emulsion

Our metal forming fluids include straight oils, soluble oils, and synthetic oils designed to meet a variety of demands in the metal forming market. QualiChem has products for tube mills, wire drawing, progressive and transfer stamping, fine blanking, heading, rifling, bending, and many other forming operations.

Products Include:

  • Q-TUBE – Tube Mill Fluids
  • AQUA FORM – Water-Based Drawing & Forming
  • AQUA DRAW – Wire Drawing, Water Dilutable
  • MET-FORM – Oil-Based Drawing and Forming

We offer additives and other specialty products for a wide variety of process fluid and shop maintenance needs.

Products Include:

  • Foam Control and Suppression
  • Bactericides and Fungicides
  • Corrosion Protection Additives
  • De-Scaling Agents
  • pH Adjusters
  • Lubricity Enhancers
  • Water Softening



Increased Tool Life

Our metalworking fluids keep your tools running longer.


Superior Surface Finishes

Creating our products to make your parts shine.


Faster Cycle Times

Helping you make time by running your tools faster.


Reduced Coolant Usage

Coolants that stay in the machine so money stays in your pocket. 


Improved Health and Safety

We design our products with your employee’s health in mind.


Exceptional Fluid Aesthetics

With excellent cleanliness, low odor, and low residue, you’re buying more than fluid. 

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