QualiChem, Inc. Receives Approval from Transor Filter USA for Use of XTREME GRIND TS

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QualiChem, Inc. is pleased to announce that as of February 7, 2022, Transor Filter USA has approved QualiChem’s XTREME GRIND TS for use in their premium filtration systems.

“XTREME GRIND TS is our go-to fluid for grinding of tungsten carbide and other tooling materials. We are thrilled that the XTREME GRIND TS has received approval by Transor after completing their rigorous 2,000-hour test,” says John Wiley, QualiChem’s Director of Global Marketing. “We recognize and admire Transor’s longstanding reputation for their One Micron Filtration (OMF) technology, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to provide our best tool and cutter grinding product for use in their systems.”


XTREME GRIND TS is one of QualiChem’s premium Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) grinding oils, providing an ideal combination of viscosity, flash point, and grinding performance. XTREME GRIND TS meets the critical specifications for Transor’s OMF systems and is suited for a wide variety of grinding applications where low viscosity and fine filtration are required.

Performance Benefits:

  • Highest purity synthetic oil
  • Superior oxidative resistance
  • Good wetting and low viscosity for cooling
  • Odorless
  • Low misting
  • High flash point for safe operations
  • Safe on most metals

XTREME GRIND TS does not contain any of the prohibited additives that can interfere with the filtration process. Customers report reduced usage, increased efficiency, and reduced odor and misting when using XTREME GRIND TS.

Read about how a leading custom tool manufacturer in South Carolina experienced a cost savings of up to 50% after switching to XTREME GRIND TS.

Part of the XTREME Family

XTREME GRIND TS isn’t the only premium fluid getting additional recognition in QualiChem’s XTREME Premium Metalworking Fluids family. In 2021, QualiChem’s XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 received expanded approval for Boeing’s usage areas 1-4.

Each XTREME product is designed to meet and exceed industry specifications and customer expectations.

Partner with QualiChem for Superior Performance

If your cutting tool manufacturing shop uses Transor’s OMF technology, reach out to a QualiChem representative today to upgrade your grinding fluid to QualiChem’s XTREME GRIND TS.

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